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SHUDI is about being grounded, true grace and honesty. I love what exudes from that. SHUDI is an acronym for "show up differently."
For me, that inner stability, peace and joy does manifest into how I cook, how I look at life, and how I see the world when I travel in it.

I'm about nourishing beyond the superficial and reaching above the mundane.
I'd love to inspire you to do the same as I share travel stories, thoughts and recipes.

Aside from that, I'm a mom, author and corporate flight attendant whose lifestyle actively includes meditation, entertaining, camping, baking, cooking and lots of humor.

Thanks for being here.


Mahalia's fiction has appeared in Kalyani Magazine, Momaya Press, Almond Press, a trilingual anthology So Spoke The Earth and at Writing Raw. Also a playwright, her play, “A Tale Of Two Mommies” was featured in Miami at the Centro Cultural de Espana. She is the author of two children’s picture books. She has contributed to the Bad Ass Black Girl vlog.

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