05 Mar

We're always coming up with dinner ideas, aren't we? 

I'm sure most of us have incorporated more fish, reduced red meat intake, or switched all together to a plant based diet. But sometimes, what can you do with that fish filet in our freezer? You've tried tacos, you've thrown a glaze on it, you even tried my tandoori salmon. :)

When was the last time you poached or steamed your fish? If you have saké on hand, that would be ideal to poach your salmon, cod, pollock, mahi-mahi, grouper... If not, all good. Water will have to do.  :)

Here's a simple little recipe when you're at a loss for ideas for fish night.  You know I'm a fan of beneficial ginger. What can't ginger do?

4 fish fillets

4 scallions, green part in fine julienne strips

2 serrano chillies, seeds removed, julienned


2 tbsp minced ginger

2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

3 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp sugar, or to taste

In a pot with a steamer basket, place water, cover and bring to a simmer.

Season fillets with salt and pepper and place filets in steamer basket. Put chili and scallions on top. 

Cover and steam for 7-8 minutes, until fish is tender and easily pierced with a knife.

In a bowl, mix ginger, vinegar, soy and sugar. This is your dipping sauce. :)

Serve fish with sauce for dipping or spooning.


What's your favorite fish? I like just about every fish. My least favorites are Tilapia, Swordfish and Shark. 

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