17 Aug

Wow, who remembers Home Economics class?

I still have a cinnamon roll and German pancake recipe from then. What do you remember from that class?

I have some ideas to hopefully help you along and inspire you.

Do your kids know how to set a table?

Click HERE for a video and a fun BONUS napkin fold.  :)  

How about Homemade fruit roll-ups?

Click HERE for video and recipe

No more stuffing sheets in a drawer. My daughter just leaves the piles on my bed. It's time that she gives this a go.

Let's practice with this video and improve from there.  :) 

How to fold your sheets:

Click HERE for video

Here's a YouTube playlist link with even more ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBSIZBvQ9Oc&list=PL_z8mUweshRhVlFiJtB1y-7fX-eqjd9sx

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