08 May

Did you know pancakes are mostly an American thing? In Europe, they are more familiar with its slender cousin--the crepe. Crepes can also be savory or sweet.  

I’m pretty sure when we serve pancakes, the only savory thing would be the butter pats just before a healthy pour of syrup or a WARM FRUIT COMPOTE (featured in the picture below).

Quick story share:

I used to vacation in Borgafjal, Sweden. One year, I brought box pancakes and Aunt Jemima syrup, as a fun change from the cheese, butter and knackebrod in the morning. Wow, was that a game changer.  No one had ever had these "American crepes." It then became the thing to make for the 8-12 family members cozied up in the cabin. Eventually, I transitioned to a homemade recipe...

I've since elevated the recipe with a twist, which makes them even fluffier.

Enjoy a special morning and check out the video and recipe HERE

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