15 May

This is one of my favorite appetizers to make.  

I like it because it's quick.  I always have someone dropping by, and this can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

It can be accompanied by cucumber slices, bell peppers, or toasts tips if you don't have pita hanging around the pantry. If you find a store with fresh pita--I highly recommend it.

I recently discovered a Mediterranean market just walking distance from my home. I decided to explore said market because my daughter was in the mood for shwarma and we figured we'd ask. Well, the timing was so that a vendor was coming in with fresh pita of all sizes. I do mean fresh--the bags were still steaming.

They did have a little grill and deli in the back, so not only did we get shwarma, but Turkish delights, and Turkish coffee with cardamom. I had to get some other sweets I wasn't familiar with, because.

This "design" was inspired by a Mediterranean restaurant in England. They had the best hummus I've ever tasted to this day.  They served it in a light blue bowl--which was quite pretty.

Try handcarved serving platters for even more rustic charm.

Check out the recipe and video for this smooth, creamy, tangy, and easy to eat appetizer HERE

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Thanks for being here.

BTW, I will never buy pita anywhere else.

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