08 Oct

I love when I find amazing everyday tips!

I have 5!

1.  Pour leftover bacon grease into a bowl lined with aluminum foil.  Let it cool and harden, then crumple the foil and chuck it!  Yes.  Who hasn't had bacon cleanup issues? 

2. Okay, so I do forget to put the butter out prior to baking ALL. THE. TIME!  Ugh. When you need it to be room temperature--right now, cut it into cubes and let it sit on the counter for 20 minutes. It will soften faster than having that big chunk of butter. Tahdah!

3. Wrap your mushrooms in paper towels before refrigerating. I don't see slimy mushrooms here. 

4. About that layer of oil that settles on top of natural peanut butter, though? The stirring is a nightmare for me.  Store the jar upside down. You're welcome.

5. Aw, did your honey crystallize?  I did not know that honey is the only non-perishable food substance, did you? Don't throw your crystallized honey away.  Microwave it in 30-second increments on medium and make it right again. 

Thanks for being here.


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