30 Apr

Have you tried these amazing tricks? 

Avocado test: How do you know it’s ripe? Peel back the stem, if it pulls away easily—whoohoo, it’s guac time! 

I want to keep my veggies fresh! Line the bottom of the drawer with paper towels. The paper absorbs the extra moisture that causes rot. 

Those bananas though… You can pull the bananas apart and cover each stem in plastic wrap or foil. This slows the ripening process by keeping the ethylene gas (it’s naturally produced) in the stem from spreading to the entire fruit. look how happy these bananas are.

If you're bananas do end up mushy and sad, there's always banana nut bread. :)

I love spooning tomato paste into a Ziploc baggie and then using my finger to separate into portions. Freeze flat, and break off sections, as you need when you cook. Because who is using an entire can of tomato paste anyway unless you’re making chili or tomato sauce? 

Air fryer fans! Need that golden color on that chicken? Spritz with cooking spray before popping in your wings or chicken pieces in the basket. Tah-dah! Look at that. 

Why eggs, why? Adding a little baking soda or vinegar to the water when boiling eggs make peeling them a breeze! 


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