09 Oct

Hmmm, some of you may have walked by this section in the grocery store in search of some russet potatoes.

No need to overlook these great vegetarian, super fibrous options anymore!

I got you.

INTRODUCING--potato alternatives!






If you're from the Caribbean, these veggies are so common and used daily.

(l-r: plantains, taro, sweet plantains, yucca, breadfruit, boniato)

I've teamed up with a dear classmate Vadim/Saa Bon and we spent an entire day in his kitchen whipping up an entire tapas platter.

I love a good soup or stew, but root veggies/tubers, let's face it, are just boring and bland. In a stew, they're OK, but most of these with the exception of the taro/malanga, were simply peeled, sliced and fried.

V had a neat trick when it came to salting the veggies. Check it out in the video. A quick dip in some oil, paired with some pickleez, and the pork chunks we just HAD to add...

Click HERE for video

It made for a super feast for picking, chatting, drinking, and catching up. 


Thanks for being here.

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