07 May

Have you ever had a raw beet salad?

How about with an avocado/cilantro/lime dressing?
I usually grate carrots along with red and yellow beets.

How about a little avocado with it?

Let’s chat about some health benefits.
Both beets and cilantro are marvelous for:
Lowering blood pressure
Lowering cholesterol
Digestive health

Prevents anemia
Improves bone density
Rid the body of heavy metals

Good for brain health
Body detox

Still not interested? Sure you are. Give it a go. :)

Here’s a quick dressing recipe:
½ avocado
½ lime juice
½ C cilantro
1 clove garlic
Up to ¼ C water (You can add sour cream to make it thicker and more like a dip)
salt, pepper to taste

Add all ingredients to a food processor until smooth.

Can’t eat just beets?
Look what I’ve made! I just made a lettuce “taco” with seared fish and topped it with my beets and dressing.


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