11 May

I had a friend wonder about my logo—the baobab tree.

Pronounced baw-bab, this native to the African and Arabian Peninsula, also has a boab variety in Australia.

I was inspired by what this tree represented. All the reasons certainly apply to me and I am optimistic that this tree represents who you have become.

Even if all the reasons don’t apply to you, maybe you are cultivating those qualities. That’s a good thing.

It’s a daily thing to develop.

The baobab just shows up differently, doesn’t it?  Just like you.

Reason 1:

A baobab is unusual. As we get older, we all acquire our own unique and unusual nature. Some of us have always stood out among our friends in a good way, whether it was something about our dedication to our values, or personality.

Reason 2:

A Baobab is a solid, sturdy tree that can grow up to 98 feet tall.  Yes, for that! We too have overcome obstacles and now we stand, solid, and have managed alluring stability in our lives. The baobab can reach a diameter of 36 ft. Affirmative to that solid footing!

Reason 3:

The Baobab’s growth rings are difficult to count; it fades as the wood ages. You know where I’m going with this. How beautiful is the wisdom we’ve gained over the years? People may see our exterior aging, but all the experiences we’ve had in life, that’s on the inside.  It now translates into how we interact, how we speak, how we relate or help others who are just coming up in “growth rings.”

Reason 4:

A baobab stores water and can endure harsh conditions. This is why it is called the Tree of Life. Wow, okay. Don’t you appreciate how you can adapt to your environment? How many times have we found ourselves in situations where we had to work with what we had, work with where we were? Eventually, we grew beyond it.  Harsh conditions are temporary. Find motivation and know that you have the strength to persist beyond.

Reason 5:

A baobab is believed to have a variety of benefits and uses.  The fruit is a bit citrusy—c’mon, you know you have some zing to you. The fruit is high in iron and antioxidants; it has been used in ice cream, moisturizers, drinks, and crafts, etc….  You are of value. You affect those around you in so many ways.

Sometimes it may feel like we’re always giving, constantly shedding leaves to offer. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean constant motion of doing and needing to be everything to everyone. Sure, shed those leaves; they’ll always grow back because you can adapt, and renew without affecting your solid core.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, anyone?  Anyone?

Just be, like a baobab—you exude that which inspires others.

Thanks for being here.

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