11 Oct

I see so many posts and have so many conversations with people about seemingly the same “dramas.”
When I offer insight, I get responses such as, “You should share your secrets.”
Um, I do. But I can’t make you practice them.
I practice them regularly, which is why I’m still calm.

So, here’s to another “secret,” and I hope it helps.
I came across a powerful process. It can be a healing mechanism for numerous issues.
Are you are dealing with a challenging issue/person/situation, and don’t have a solution? Maybe you’ve been diligently searching for an answer to best resolve it but have been coming up anxious, annoyed, or drawing a blank.

The exercise is two-fold.
First, picture the situation in your mind and place it in a balloon. Inhale deeply, on the exhale blow air into the balloon. Continue to inhale and exhale until you have blown the balloon to a decent size.
Metaphorically, you are creating space around the issue.
Now, tie a knot and release the balloon. Allow it to float away until you no longer see it.
Next, allow yourself to lie back on a cloud or drift along a river, whichever you prefer to picture. 

Relax and float.

Go with the flow and give space to the situation.

Give it time.
Clarity will arise from that.

Thanks for being here.

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