10 Aug

If they want to.

Is it ever too late?


Every day allows for that step towards adjusting your mentality if you want to transform.

Are you even noticing the habit or trend?

Sometimes we get slivers, little cracks in the barriers we’ve created around ourselves. These cracks come in the form of inspiration of a different way to live, think, and be.

And then…Rationalization, aggression=Fear.

Because we fear the unknown, and rather not come out from our blanket of comfort, we rationalize until our thoughts to plug any holes in our wall, keeping those barriers cushioned.

Hello, darkness my old friend.

It takes some practice to listen to yourself. To listen to your thoughts as they ramble on ALL day.

When your thoughts start rationalizing the foreign concept of “change”, ask where it’s coming from. Is it your anxious self? Fearful self?

Alongside wanting to change, it helps to surround yourself with people who support it.

Sometimes it takes being around the right person to encourage, empower, and inspire a version of yourself you hadn’t considered before.

You never considered it because those around you either catered to or mirrored your life up to this point.

Being around the right person also means that they are not dependent on your change for their happiness.

Whether you grow or not, they are stable in their world.

The person who doesn’t want to, or isn’t ready to change usually plugs their barrier with, “you’re trying to control me,” and that’s how they get to back out, shut out, cope out…

The person who deep down expects the change to make them comfortable uses conditional responses to “control” the situation.

Those vibes are not pleasant.

Some people can be inspired to change in a day, sometimes it takes years.

Sometimes they build the wall higher and wrap the blanket around tighter. The pattern repeats; the person continues to rationalize and blame others.

They could be in a different space if they wanted to.

In relationships, I’ve heard people saying they wanted to change but the other person wasn’t giving them enough time.

Hmm, well, were you only showing up differently on Fridays? Also, the other person had a time limit expectation. No Bueno. Time for a chat if you want to continue on a better journey together.

With habits, are you equipping yourself with healthy substitutions as you go through releasing the negative habit?

Willingness and honesty, anyone?

Reading books or writing essays about it is a palliative solution.

Stop talking about it--do it. 

How? Be it. Live it.

Time to transform.

Thanks for being here.

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