29 Jun

You should emit happiness because it’s about them, not you.

If you had hackles, I’m sensing they’re up?  Read on, you may thank me by the end.

I learned a beautiful concept regarding death through the Brahma Kumaris.

They believe in karma.

They also have a fascinating idea that the soul experiences multiple life cycles.

As a soul departs one body, it travels on to a body that is entering the world.

So every baby introduced into the world brings in a “pre-recording” of all the souls that lived before it. This is how the BK’s explain the differences between siblings regardless of how the parents raised them.  Newborns come in with a past, so along with your new parent imprint, they have decades and centuries of previous imprints. We all do.

This is the significance of always sending happiness, peace, and love when someone dies.

While you cry and pine in despair, constantly in angst, understand this is what you send on. The child coming into the world joins this earth with everyone’s pain as they dwell on the loss of the loved one.

I rather not.

I can’t remember the last time I cried at a funeral.

I don’t know if it has any validity. Many of us just believe you return to the earth and that’s it. We continue to mourn, and hold on to the grief for every birthday, holiday, reminding everyone how much that person should be missed. That soul may have moved on years ago, but you are still sending pain.

These days there is a lot of (too much) sorrow, death, and loss.

However the soul leaves the earth, I cherish the concept of sending said soul off to the next realm or body in tranquility and beatitude.


You should wish them well.

Thank them for the time they spent with you.

Send them off to a fascinating, pleasant new life.

Whenever you think of them, be happy.

It’s about them, not you.

In doing so, you won’t need to search for peace for yourself. Withdraw. Center yourself. Peace is there, just inside.

Thanks for being here.

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