11 Jan

I was reeled into a discussion this week with a co-worker whose firm views opposed my own. We still shared the broccoli and mashed potatoes at Ruth Chris.

“Where do you find the truth, then?” He asked.

Everyone's truth will be different. It stems from your past, spreads through all the layers in between, to your beliefs, life, and priorities now.
I read that article about the pharmacist in Wisconsin who tampered with the vaccines by leaving them out unrefrigerated...
Why, good grief? Wasn't last year bad enough?

What to believe? Who to trust? Moderna went on to say that it was "fine" that the vaccine was left out overnight, and they injected 57 patients with said room temperature vaccine.
How does one find truth?

Other news reported that there were no, zilch, nada, ZERO flu cases AT ALL. Really? Wow.

Is there such a thing as THE truth? 
The truth is subjective.

Is everyone correct in their truth? Yes, it's about the layers that brought them to this point, which may differ even if you are siblings.

I rely on my meditation practice to allow the ability to step back, quiet my mind, and ask questions. Answers appear according to my beliefs now, to what I feel works best for me regarding my knowledge and discernment of the information received and reviewed. Will this be everyone's truth and answer? Absolutely not.

Should I impose my truth on others? No.

Can we have discussions? Sure, but really, my process is my own, and it doesn’t need to be explained, because I’m not trying to convince you to change your mind.
Can your truth change over time? Of course.

What is your most stable, calm approach to a truth that allows for a comfortable feeling that you will stand by?

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