25 Aug

Are you one to leap towards fear or faith and love?

Some of you may be quick to answer, but does your response contradict your thoughts?

I understand people review their lives and choices when something dramatic or traumatic occurs in their lives, but at what point do you follow through? How often do you follow through?
If another situation presents itself that creates a new experience, will you habitually curl back towards fear and comfort?
The answer is yes. And you will utter the default, “Life is too short. I gotta…”
Everyone seems to say that expected line.

How does one step back?
How does one not become overwhelmed with anxiety when there’s a plot twist, new connection, possible opportunity?
You have to stop, really stop, and think about it. Consider your usual response. Ask yourself why you lean into fear?

Is it your response, or what you've absorbed from everyone else's opinion?

 What if you decided to leap towards faith and love? Let's say you don't worry about what others would do, or how everyone has known you to react in the past.
Will everything be okay?
Are there any guarantees?
No. But when you shift away from fear, other opportunities and perspectives appear. There’s healing.

If you choose your classic default mode, the pathology of the familiar repeats until it heals...

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