15 Feb

I often joke with my friends and cousins, this “Rona” time is probably the best time to meet and date someone. 

I have a cousin who is always bouncing ideas my way and sharing interesting reads. One article stated that 75% of men on these dating apps, aren’t single—just bored, or need an ego boost, or whatever.

So, I feel, since there are a lot of families who have been given a choice to work remotely indefinitely, well then, a married guy can’t exactly stay on a steady What’s App video chat with his wife in the next room.

 Maybe he could, but it seems like a lot of work to manage that. He was on said app for fun, is he trying to jeopardize what he has going on? 

A truly single guy can meet after work, on the weekends, call and pick up the phone, etc. at random times.

During this Rona, he just may be even more available. You can possibly find other solutions to "hang out," other than a bar. This could lead to real connecting, deeper conversations, and back to basic, simplified dates.

If a guy is playing, I’m not a fan of, “I’m on the way to work, just wanted to say good morning,” and, “I’m on the road, getting home…” These calls get side eyes from me. 

Too convenient. 

He has those twenty minutes just for you and then could disappear into the endless cycle of, “I hit the gym…so tired…had dinner…took shower…crashed,” excuse.  Weekends—nada. Side eye again. 

Yes, this has happened to me. 

He used his kids as a commitment shield

It was a powerful excuse.

I didn’t buy it. 

Bottom line—he wasn’t interested in me.

So, if you happen to land a date with someone, please make sure it’s who you are TODAY. 

After all, you did want to meet this person, right?  Or did you want an eternal pen pal?

On that note, if you’re 42 and pudgy, then you’re 42 and pudgy.  Is this your ideal weight and look?  Maybe. Maybe not.  It’s where you are right now. 

Are you making real strides to achieve your happiest, healthiest self? Awesome.  Your efforts will soon pay off. 

Let’s live authentically. No more filters, no more, “I looked good in 2013, 30 pounds lighter, toned and golden from the cruise.” 

Can we please show up differently? 

If you need some inspiration, this team is awesome.  They have the best topics on FB. https://www.facebook.com/REALTALKWITHDTM/   Damion, Tatiana, and Mike address fitness goals, struggles, and solutions.  If you are holding off dating until it’s safe to come out, at least Damion, Tatiana and Mike can get you on the right path. 

Something to consider. Two things--Rona dating and healthier habits. :)

Thanks for being here.

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