17 Aug

What are your top pet peeves and deal breakers, single people?

Even if you’re married, I’m sure you have a few things that get under your skin.

There’s a saying that goes, “every pot has its lid,” and a funny Haitian one that says, “every bread has its cheese,” but the point is the same.

Are there universal pet peeves and deal breakers you think?

Drugs, mommy issues are tough to get through for me. Smoking is up there as well. 

I have embraced a healthy lifestyle for decades with what types of food I consume, how I keep my body and mind in shape, so being exposed to someone else's habit wouldn't be my top choice.

I was curious to hear from a guy’s point of view, therefore I asked.

Do clingy women repel all men?

Is a drug habit a deal-breaker for all? I have some examples where the drug habit or struggle wasn’t. This validates last week’s post where the person had the right “cheese” and therefore wanted to change for their personal growth and for the sake of whomever they wanted to be better for.

I’ve been “accused” of not being clingy AT ALL, rather opposite, which to those people I’ve appeared cold and uncaring. Hmmm, who’s clingy and insecure in this picture? From my perspective, the guy who gets flustered and annoyed that I didn’t pick up the phone or respond to a text immediately is insecure, has control issues, and needs to relax. I don’t need a “check-in” during the day. It’s nice but unnecessary. Many women will disagree with me.

Here’s what I’ve heard. When a man is at work or chilling at home, they can get caught up, and sometimes even when they have a lunch break, #6 THEY JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE IT.

Nothing against us, we shouldn’t take it as an affront.

 Let’s be real, does this apply to men only? I don’t think so.

Still topping the charts, decades strong is #1 CLINGY/NEEDINESS. Two weeks is not that long, therefore the demands and expectations need to pause. Evolve organically. No, he doesn’t have to “show” you anything (phone call, flowers, getting together) within the two week “mark.”

#2 LIVING TOO FAR. It does put a damper on trying to build a relationship.

#3 SHE’S TOO LOUD. Eeek!

#4 NEEDS TO HAVE A PRETTY FACE-body doesn’t need to be 100%. Does this apply to most men? How do we feel about this, ladies? Do tell.


There’s a fine line and it’s not easy to find a balance. Everyone’s scale is different anyway.

I do believe in gallantry. If you’re a man and have had any understanding of social skills, and some proper etiquette exposure, hopefully standing up when meeting a woman for the first time, opening a door, not walking ahead, paying for an evening out, etc. are a few actions that show situational awareness and chivalry.

Are there any pet peeves that have evolved for you over the years? Things that don’t matter?

Feel free to add in the comment box below if you have some that needs to be added.

Thanks for being here.

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