20 Jul

I mean those outrageous eyelashes, not a sensible procedure for someone who has Alopecia.

Someone told me that eyelash extensions would change my life.

He was young.

Mid-twenties. We were discussing his girlfriend’s choice to get a breast augmentation, and she was all about those eyelashes that make everyone look like giraffes these days.

I told him I prefer to eat healthy, workout, and own my age.  The most I will do is henna my hair.

That’s when he said it. “Reconsider. Eyelash extensions will change your life.”

I doubted it.

Remember years ago when the breast implants started leaking? Sometimes the fine print doesn’t become bold until later…

Thankfully, implants have evolved. For those who suffered complications from the thing that “changed their life,” yes, I suppose it did…

Do we need to take a look at the things we’ve become accustomed to needing?  Do we NEED it?

Wait! Ah yes, the word “enhance” is more validating.

Carry on.

All of a sudden you can’t live without five insulated, 32oz. water bottles for each family member or brand…

It enhances your quality of life.

On an everyday basis, why have become so handicapped with products, excess, and trends?

Are we that unhappy?

Discontented beings?

Or is it more about what creates the best balance for your life?

Someone told me recently, “I’m a perfectionist therefore I will always live a life of miserable existence; never satisfied.”


How you choose to live, content, or not is ultimately a CHOICE.

Even a perfectionist can learn to release and allow things to be.

I feel the misery and dissatisfaction had nothing to do with being a perfectionist. I guess they had to blame something.

I agree certain things do make life easier, but we can still take a nice walk without all the extras that distract us from the walk and nature anyway…

Are we giving ourselves crutches?

Yes, it is easier to take supplements, vitamins, and a palm of pills, but the dosage can be reduced or eliminated if you took the extra time to choose better foods, a more consistent workout routine, or even took a regular moment to mentally pause.

Consistency does require effort—long term.  Some people rather the “help” in whatever manner allows them to fast track the result.

But now you NEED faster help for the next thing.

Vicious cycle.

How much have you given into consumerism? Trends?

Would you be able to determine your limit?

I feel it is one of those insidious things. Unless you take a step back and look, you don’t realize how caught up you are.

I forget my phone at home all the time. I generally have it in another room and don’t check for hours. Why would I?

Do I need to know about the latest notification?

Spam email?

TikTok update?

It’s never one thing, right?

We convince ourselves many items are for the best, but all those veils of convenience eventually obscure our view from the important, weighing our lids down like those eyelashes. Soon we ask why we’re always so tired? Lethargic? Heavy and depressed…

There is great value in releasing.

Thanks for being here.

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