19 Oct

We are so caught up with social media and keeping up, the labels I’m referring to have nothing to do with the latest trends. I could care less about who or what is trending on Fashion Nova.

Do you put labels on yourself?

Don’t make your feelings your identity.

I am angry.

I am always anxious.

I've been like this forever, which means I am an angry, anxious person.


Let's say that again. 


If something upsets you, that is a feeling that is occurring—a fleeting one at that because the situation will soon dissolve.  

Understand the feelings you have for situations are CHOICES.

You can always choose to react differently. Understand the blink reactions keep you in a narrow space. 

I walked into an office recently, and the receptionist commented on my bracelets.

She loved them but said she could never wear bracelets, though she would like to.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’m just an anxious person. I have tons of anxiety. Even if I wore one, it would make me feel like I was caged, and someone was controlling me or holding me down,” she said.


I didn’t see that coming. A bracelet created that much?

The twelve bracelets creeping up my forearm are not only pretty, but they serve a purpose reminding me to take moments throughout the day to meditate.

We forget to take moments.  We forget that we can choose to review and react differently.

When we feel overwhelmed by our feelings, it’s beneficial to perhaps take a few moments to make a cup of tea or coffee and breath. Take those minutes to calm yourself and work through a more useful reaction.

Do you need to make a list at night or in the morning?

It helps. By doing this, you reduce the pressure. You have a list, you’re aware, you’re going to address it.

Maybe the effortless tasks to the most time consuming, or vice versa?  Maybe the errands furthest away from home to the closest?

My daughter constructs a shifting schedule for herself to keep track of the time she allows for homework, T.V., extra activities…

Our feelings are not who we are—they are independent.

Thanks for being here.

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