25 Jan

Get in there and back it up--or not.

People’s fickle nature baffles me.

Unfortunately, emotions have been running high for months—years. Scrolling social media, the about-face amazes me.  

I have seen people reacting with hearts and thumbs up on pages to Amanda Gorman's speech, but when she was reciting in real-time, some of the very same people had a “Zzzzzz” meme up. What about the people who have yelled and berated comments, fiercely defending their politician, going on an unfriending rampage, only to say, afterward, that you shouldn’t turn your back on your friends for a politician you’ve never met. 

Hmm, okay. 

Let’s not get started on what I’ve seen in other areas. Can you be a lifelong missionary and lover of Christ, but still justify being openly racist? Which bible are they reading? What church are they attending? 

My mommy group consists of five completely different backgrounds.  We joke about how we resemble a United Benetton ad.  I'm unsure of their political stance. We touch on political discussions, and I'm assuming we sway in the same direction, but it has never come up after thirteen years. 

What difference would it make? 

When I drive my daughter to school, there’s always the same minivan just in front of us. It proudly displayed multiple stickers for whom they supported.  The stickers had been peeled off by January 21st. Why? Do they no longer stand for that person? If you put it out there for people to see, you wanted to make a point--then keep on with your view. 

Do people treat bumper stickers and opinions like the holidays?  Décor and comments only apply for the season?  

Maybe they gave themselves permission to step back and detach from the highly charged emotions? Maybe they accepted that differences are fine; nothing to be afraid of? 

Change is a constant

When you acknowledge and accept that, you also become aware that you will eventually never have drastic swaying directions or opinions because you’ve learned to be open to different angles. Being receptive to change takes practice. 

The beginning of this year started shakily, but for sure, I’m grateful for the calm I feel is upon us. I’m grateful for the elegant tone. I’m grateful for those who continue to rise above. I’m grateful for those who accept others. I’m grateful for those who always kept peace in their hearts and actions. 

May all of you continue to stay safe and well.

Thanks for being here.

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