27 Jul

These last few months have been life-changing, to say the least.
So many of us have been home, interacting with life via screens, or aimlessly wandering our hallways, eating out of boredom, and overcome with nostalgia for days full of errands and activities.

I have read and heard stories of despair, angst, and overall feelings of depression.

What have we forgotten to do every day to provide some levity to our everyday?

Some of us aren’t quite managing a consistent workout routine to release endorphins that trigger overall good feelings.

What even simpler solution have we forgotten that helps our hearts and also releases endorphins?


Are we watching comedies or are we flipping between different news channels?
I rarely have bad or low days. One of my favorite, immediate mood changers is going through a few pages of Gary Larson’s Far Side books.

If you are unfamiliar, Gary Larson’s humor is twisty, witty, unusual and so wrong, it’s right.
He gives animals human attributes or reverses roles and sketches perspectives that we rarely think about.

So, when was the last time you had a true, roaring belly laugh?

Find some classic cartoons, scroll through comedic movies, or get one of those collections (i.e. Calvin and Hobbs) and keep it right on the coffee table or kitchen table—wherever you find yourself the most these days.

Take a few moments every day--LAUGH.

Thanks for being here.

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