18 Nov

It feels like I have more than 326 stories, but here's one of them.

When I go away for work, I leave for seven-ten days at a time. I have to pack efficiently, make sure things are in order at home, the cat is taken care of, etc. 

Overall, it’s not hectic.

 Yes, the balance when I can end up spending five of the eight days skipping around Munich is always welcomed compared to this last work rotation--good grief! The maneuvering should have been called “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” 

The corporate end of aviation is BUSY. We also have unexpected issues with the planes, so sometimes we have to scramble, get a rental car, and drive to another aircraft nearby to complete the trip. My last trip had me jumping around to four types of company planes. The airlines aren’t 100% consistent, so here we are shuttling on our smaller jets.   

I had to refer to my hotel receipts, but I just had to share about my week. 

Day 1: I had to pick up a rental car to drive three and a half hours to Orlando. There I jumped on a company jet to Texas. I jumped on another company jet to Arizona; spent two nights. 

Day 3: Dashed off with a couple of passengers to San Diego. 

Day 4: San Diego to Eagle, Colorado. 

Day 5: Drove to Denver, Colorado, company jet to Sacramento, then to Seattle. 

Day 6: Seattle to Hawaii with four passengers who slept the entire way. We left at midnight/3am EST.

Day 7: Left Hawaii on company jet to Oregon. Spent the night. 

Day 8: Left Portland at 7 am to Dallas, to Orlando, drove home—2:30am. 

Yes, I only had a total of six passengers, and the crew that took the plane did go from Hawaii to spend three nights in Tahiti, but hey, this is what a “crazy” week looks like on our end. 

“Exhausting” weeks are when you have full passenger loads (14 people) every day, around the holiday season. 

Don't you love when you hear about different perspectives? I know some people would prefer the desk job with a specific start and stop time. It's all relative.

Do you ever compare your week to someone else's? 

Even if you've been dealing with a hectic, exhausting work schedule, can you find the blessings?


How is your week going? If you find yourself complaining, match it with a blessing. :)

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