16 Sep

Anyone else remember Enya?  I though I would reference her song since we're all about Monaco.

I mentioned Monaco on Monday, so why not talk more about it?

Monaco was a quaint town, albeit densely populated, just a short train ride from Nice.
We spent most of the day in Monte Carlo. The high rises are hiked up the hills overlooking the azure Mediterranean hosting all the superyachts we’ve seen on T.V. There are few free-standing homes scattered throughout the slopes. Luxury and high incomes were obvious here, but there is a small-town feel. Only a few thousand residents live here year-round, but I believe only 35,000 residents have registered here overall anyway.

To walk around town, after you’ve had a glass of rose or two, is comfortable enough. How could I forget the grilled octopus salad lunch? That was fantastic!

The winding streets are steep but surrounded by lush. Colorful public gardens dot the pathways, and little benches are tucked in shady locations when you need a rest.
The cathedral is most notable as you get into another town, Monaco-Ville. This is where Grace Kelly has been laid to rest.

Throughout the day, yachts of all sizes poured into the Yacht Club of Monaco marina. There were so many unrecognizable flags flapping and curled around the poles, that I couldn’t do any research on the origin. I saw registries from Bahamas, Jamaica, and plenty from the Mediterranean. Most of these superyachts were packed shoulder to shoulder and I was able to watch two 120+ yachts back into a parking spot while I was walking along the dock. Water swirled around the yacht as they backed it up as if they were parking a car—it was impressive.The ten-minute process involved the entire crew. Two yacht club employees were on the dock with radios. Two deckhands stood at the corners at the back end of the yacht, holding the buoys and ropes which they threw to the ones on land (when they were about 20 feet offshore), to tether the yacht to the dock. Two more deckhands were looking out, and one last first mate, I assumed, had a radio chatting with the Captain.

These yachts have “garages.” 

The side or back section of the yachts opens like a home garage where they keep the toys such as jet ski’s and smaller boats (go figure). The smaller boats, “tenders,” or dinghy’s deploy and run the errands, or dash off to nearby smaller marinas.

What a lifestyle, hunh?
I was able to get up close to Lady Mourra, which is a famous and possibly the largest superyacht. At 344ft, she sat away from the crowded marina, however accessible walking along the docks.

These yachts are set up as homes with all the “fixings.”Would you be able to live on the ocean and go port to port?
The stories and experiences you would have at each stop, would be priceless, no?

I'm keeping you in the Mediterranean this Friday with a KIBBEH recipe!

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