22 Jul

About nine hours northwest of the Stockholm area there is a wonderfully remote place some Swedes spend a portion of their holidays.
Around Easter time, the weather is bitter. Aside from skiing and snowboarding, what do you do?
There’s climbing this mountain. 

The dots are people. We made it halfway up. 

Then you dig out a snow couch, and build a BBQ. Who knew? The snow couch is lined with animal hide and everyone chills, picnicking until the weather changes.

The area is called Borga.
Borgafjall is breathtaking and natural.
Another awesome “sport” is ice fishing. At the sound of the bell, people use augers and get to work drilling multiple holes and dropping fishing lines.

And then, you drink a lot, and chill some more on a massive frozen lake; on the edges of the lake you BBQ. While most loved that the sun was out, I was bundled because it was still -6C/21F. Yeah. I live in Florida. I had fun socks to keep me cozy.

If you do happen to catch a fish, they aren’t bigger than a cellphone, so you’re not there because you’re hosting a fish fry that evening.

There are hotels and a few bars, but mostly everyone has a family cabin nestled throughout the vistas.

There’s always a warm fire, beverages, and varieties of Inlagd sill (pickled herring) to go with some moose kebabs. Have a Haitian overlook the buffet and red beans and rice or mushroom rice will make it to the table. Yeah, I did that. The sill is an acquired taste, what can I say.

It’s a place I would visit again, but I do want to try an ice hotel.  

How about you? 

Northern lights, ice hotel, thermal mineral baths, anyone?


Thanks for being here.

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