29 Jul

My travel stories reveal so much of whom the passengers are—their character, values, interests, and perspectives. I find my passengers amusing when they say outlandish, selfish, and ignorant things.
There is a disconnect between worlds and a lack of awareness beyond personal satisfaction.
And then there are those, who feel entitled to the liberties and permission they give themselves to act out their deepest fears. I’ll save that travel story for another day…

This travel story had me on a six-hour flight with six people. The group was slightly older and wanted all the bells and whistles of a five-course meal.

I am in three-inch heels all day at work. It’s not like the airlines when at boarding and de-planing we were in heels, but then we used to change into “service shoes,” which were just ballet slipper flats.

Nope. Those private jets are different beast I tell ya.

Anyway, a round of drinks, then the table set-up with place-mats, utensils, etc., followed by hot towels. Appetizers, salad, more drinks…
I was busy the entire flight. When a passenger’s drink is down to the last ¼, we have to bring a fresh drink. We don’t ask first, nor do we take the glass they were drinking from and re-fill.

Yes, I wash dishes onboard.

At the end of the flight, I stand with a pilot at the door, and the other at the bottom of the stairs to wish them a great day.

The woman gathered her belongings and gives a high five to the pilot.
“We fly a lot, New York to L.A.,” she says. “We go to Vegas often.”
“Oh, okay,” The pilot responded.
“Best flight EVER! Not a ripple.”
The pilot laughed and said, “Are you talking about the flight or the service?”
Without hesitation, she says, “Oh, the flight! I didn’t feel one cloud.”

Did I tell you I was standing there? Right. Next. To. The. Pilot.

I should also mention that there is a thing as clear air turbulence and shifts in the air that the pilots cannot control? They can choose a different altitude, but that doesn’t guarantee a “ripple-free” flight.

Ahem. Continuing.

Pilot and I gave the courtesy, forced laugh.
She finally says as she’s going down the stairs, over her shoulder mind you, and with the flick of the hand, “Oh, she was wonderful. The best.”

What say ye?
Head shaking moment?

As I said before, it just shows who people are. I can gauge my reactions to some of the people I meet and it validates every time who walks in grace and class.

May you be surrounded by an orb of benevolence.

Thanks for being here.

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