19 Aug

Have you considered living off-grid?

I’ve seen shows about Homesteaders and living in other remote areas, but with the general tone of society today and this new, temporary virtual schooling, have any of you considered moving off to a farm somewhere?

Recently I watched a movie set in the lush Peruvian Andes. The family had different cabins spread across a property. There was a living/eating cabin, sleeping cabin, workshop, and bath cabin. I’m sure in the dead of winter I wouldn’t want to walk 150 yards across a rolling field…

How remote would you feel comfortable with?  

These pods look interesting, but it wouldn't be my first choice. Lol.

My preference would be a couple of hours removed from a city. It’s just far enough to enjoy the quiet evenings, fresh, crisp mornings, and peaceful landscape, yet still have the resources of a larger city at a reasonable distance.

Could you downsize?
A few summers ago, while visiting Montreal, there was a Tiny House exhibit downtown. The most comfortable “tiny house” for me was no less than 450 square feet.
I squeezed into the 150-foot tiny house and I couldn’t envision living in such cramped quarters long term. The “stairs” up to the bedroom were about the width of printer paper and you had to crouch, duck and belly crawl into the bedroom loft. Don’t even think about sitting up. It felt like lying in a coffin.

I’m not talking about those extremes.

If the experience is anything like camping, I could do it, but with some “luxuries.” I would want an all-inclusive cabin with electricity and running water—at least a well on the property if nothing else.

My friends had mixed emotions about chickens as with pigs.

I would like a small farm; a manageable farm. Okay, more like a small plot to cultivate. What would you plant?
I could envision herbs such as basil, lemongrass, parsley, etc. I could see peppers, strawberries, kale, pineapple, banana, and plantain? A Suriname cherry tree, citrus trees, avocado, mango…

Based on the demographic chosen, there would be varieties indigenous to that place. I’ve never lived on a farm, but I completely understand rotating the crops according to season. Can you imagine if you had that one fruit available all year? Apple for breakfast, applesauce for a snack, apple pie, apple moonshine, apple…

You’d become an expert at composting and weather predictions.
You’ll have the most toned arms and body from walking and tending to your property.
The kids would be outdoors more often.
Going to the store may become a treat.

What other benefits?
Have fun with it, get creative.


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